Christian Illusionist
Todd Alexander

Reality Check Show


“Superb at moving from illusion to reality and challenging people to commit to the real Jesus.”
Rev. Michael Green, Evangelist and Author


It is an illusion show with a twist: The first half is straight entertainment. The second half features an opportunity for the audience to hear and respond to a gospel presentation.


“Be amazed, be amused and then
consider carefully what’s real.”


A spectacular full evening show that features a combination of apparent mind reading, metal bending and many other incredible and seemingly impossible illusions. From the outset the show explores the theme of what’s real, compared with what’s simply illusion and this naturally leads into a presentation in the second half of the show, on the reality of the Christian faith.


In discussion with the church, response cards can be used after the Christian presentation. The audience is encouraged to complete these cards to indicate their response to the message they’ve heard, then at the end of the evening these cards are gathered up and given to the church to allow appropriate follow-up.



Spoon Balance

Live on stage