Christian Illusionist
Todd Alexander

Frequently Asked Questions


How can I book a Todd Alexander Illusion performance?
Please email us with a date (or date preferences) that you have in mind, along with details of the church or organisation you are with. We will then look at our schedule and commitments to see whether the date(s) you have indicated are possible.


We will also send you an information sheet which details the different types of performances that Todd normally gives.


How long do performances last?
The timings of Todd Alexander’s close-up and stand-up cabaret performances are flexible but the Reality Check Illusion Show normally lasts about one and a half hours, including an interval.


Is the show suitable for children?
Yes but we suggest that children under 5 will not be able to engage with the material being presented.


How much do you charge?
There is a range of suggested prices / gift amounts, depending on the size of show being performed. These are described on the information sheet, which is emailed to an enquirer. Normally the host church or organisation will sell tickets for a show, which helps in funding the cost of putting on the outreach event.


(Wherever possible Todd will discuss the amounts of money given prior to the outreach event, as he understands that budgets vary considerably and doesn’t want gospel opportunities to be missed due to finances.)


Should a Christian do magic?
For a full and thorough answer to this question, please read an article by world renowned Christian Illusionist Andre Kole.


Here’s a summary of what he says:


“The dictionary gives two meanings to the word magic. The first definition is as follows:


“The pretended art of producing effects or controlling events by charms, spells, and rituals supposed to govern certain natural or supernatural forces; sorcery; witchcraft.”


The practices contained in this definition are all condemned by God in the Bible. Whether these practices are claimed to be used for good or not makes no difference, they are still condemned as an abomination to God. The second definition in the dictionary is for theatrical magic:


“The art of producing baffling effects or illusions by sleight of hand, concealed apparatus, etc.”


This definition describes what an illusionist does and is exactly what Todd Alexander does in his performances. All of the effects are produced by entirely natural means and this is completely different to what the Bible is referring to when it speaks of “magic”.



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