Christian Illusionist
Todd Alexander

Todd Alexander


“Very impressive as an act.”
BBC Broadcaster Rony Robinson


From seeming to levitate a member of the audience to sawing himself in half, illusionist Todd Alexander's performances will certainly amaze and amuse!


His illusions have included walking on broken glass, predicting newspaper headlines two weeks in advance and successfully escaping from police handcuffs, something he has done on three separate occasions.


Todd has made a total of nine appearances in local newspaper and national magazine articles. He has on three occasions been a guest on BBC Radio Sheffield and was featured on Songs of Praise being interviewed and sawing Aled Jones in half!


Ministry Training
From 2010 to 2012 Todd completed the Emerging Evangelists European Institute organised by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.
Todd has also received evangelistic training from the Ravi Zacaharias Trust on day conferences and from their training weekends.
Todd is part of The Fellowship of Evangelistic Workers ( and is an active member of his local church.

Todd Alexander

Sawing Aled Jones in half

Todd Alexander with Aled Jones